Made $15,000 this month just from a $97 course with zero marketing, entirely from free organic traffic from my YouTube videos! Also just signed on 3 big clients and surpassed our expectations for the month.

Mike Sherrard

I want to thank you both so much for the space you have held for my expansion. I received my numbers for the first half of 2020 and I hit 6-figures!!!! With that I have brought in 3k more then I made total in 2019. These last 3 months have been my biggest to date.

Lauren Courtney

Annual statement is finished! And in our first calendar year we officially hit the the 7 figures! Goal this year, double it and a proper salary! Thanks for all the support in the last 6 months.

Giovanni Gubbels

Received a notification that someone paid in full for the annual membership. Gerard Adams this is confirmation for what we were saying on the call today -have live launches every 3 weeks but still leave it open for side door guests. I'm here for it! Thank you God, more please. I'll do good things with it."

Rachel Luna

Just wanted to give a huge thanks to Gerard Adams and Brian Donovan! I was in a little demotivated slump and my business was doing around $4k-$6k per week in revenue for a few weeks but I took complete action after a call with Brian Donovan and focused hard for that week and had an $11k+ revenue week.

Alec Petersen

$8.5k in 3 days! Referral program is working well! And I'm rolling out a new program!

Eric Balance